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Recharge Consulting

Recharge Consulting provides services to non-profits, small businesses, and social enterprises in the areas of financial and strategic planning, as well as executive coaching and leadership development. Our aim is to help your organization overcome barriers and reach its full potential through innovative strategies and methods catered to your specific needs. We believe in working together to design customized solutions and tools that enable you to lead your organization towards success.

Services Offered
Financial and strategic planning

At Recharge Consulting we understand the financial constraints non-profits and small businesses face and the impact of poor strategic planning on the success of an organization. We help you overcome these constraints by helping develop a well-planned budget, and short and long-term strategies designed to improve operational efficiency, financial health and overall organizational performance.

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Superior management is essential to a successful workforce and optimal employee performance. We provide individual and group executive coaching for managers and supervisors, as well as leadership development training for both managers and employees. Learn to extract the best performance from your employees, boost their morale, and guide them towards success.


We offer workshops on financial literacy, strategic planning, and business development to ensure your staff is equipped with the most up to date skills to run your organization smoothly.


Our energizing and educational team building retreats focus on building effective working relationships and take place in a relaxed environment, keeping your staff engaged and motivated.


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